Madaya Fact Sheet

Madaya is situated 40km(25mi) northwest of Damascus.
Before war a population of 9.371 inhabitants had been registered (2004 census).

Next KFC is 6.5km(4mi) away. (,632207428n )

ICRC confirmed the following contacts to Madaya:

18.10.2015  UN, International Commitee of the Red Cross (ICRC) and Syrian Arab Red Crescent confirmed essential medical and humanitarian supplies were delivered to Madaya.

28.12.2015  4 Persons from Madaya evacuated from adjacent village Zabadani. Krzysiek/ICRC Syria.

11.01.2016   Food, medicine, blankets and other needed materials were delivered.

14.01.2016  ICRC returned to Madaya with more supplies and talked to a few families about their needs.

29.01.2016 Medecins sans frontieres Report: The Starvation continues
(Sources and verifications at the End of this article)

10.02.2016 ICRC car getting shot at while evacuating people

Looking at the satellite image it is hard to imagine 40.000 people are „living“ within the city.

UnbenanntInside Madaya

People claim Ahrar al Sham and other Groups are occupying the town stealing supplies.

Inside Madaya aid deliveries are in the hands of the rebels and are sold overpriced to inhabitants. One old man claims that a packet of rice costs 400$ (250$/kg confirmed). Chocolate 25$.

There is no food under 20$ available. Everything has to be paid for.

In need of food inhabitants want to leave – but are not allowed to.

There are reports that people and children leaving their houses trying to flee or looking for food have been shot by snipers.

Excerpt from Ahrar al Sham recruitement video – this group is supported by Saudi-Arabia and Turkey.



This is not an opposition. This is terrorism.

The Saudi supported Islamic Front where Ahrar alsham is a member of flog two men for not closing their shops during friday prayers.

„Most Western Media Reports about Madaya used false propaganda images from a rebel occupied palestinian refugee camp called Yarmouk“.

We are directly getting exposed to terrorist propaganda.



Some sources:

The following website on facebook is ran by supporters / rebels in Madaya:
This page actively spreads disturbing images of patients to western media.
On March 7, 2014 this facebook page posted a photo from one of their martyrs.

Abdulrahman Mehrez, Member of Ahrar al Sham.
One of Madayas occupants, who died in fights with pro government forces.
Further references to him can be found on this Iranian Site.

The most obvious proof is that before 2015 a lot of appealings for funds are placed on the site, which directly mention Ahrar al Sham as receiver.
(European IBAN / BIC accounts) (upload Date was May 14th 2015)

The Starvation continues

ICRC under fire while evacuating 3 urgent cases from Madaya


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