The Story behind an Image

While looking around on twitter a disturbing image of two children evoked my interest. Due to my knowledge in computer forensics I decided to take a deeper glance …

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I have seen dozens of websites claiming Assad to be responsible for these two lost children.

Let`s have a closer look what we have to deal with.
Color and sharpness look like a pre-digital era photo.
Googles „Image search hits“ from this Image date back to 2013.
(Tho the original photo might be much older).

So my first impression looking at the clothes and the phenotype of this two children was it might be Indonesia. There exists also a plausible match to this theory on twitter:

This looked like a good conclusion, but we want to be sure, so looking at google Image search again by comparing images, we find that most posted images have been streched, scaled and cut. Some were even modified with artificial noise to mislead image comparison algorithms.

One of the primary goals in such a case is to find the source:

I have to admit I did not find it (as this image went viral with literally thousands of hits) – but pretty close to it I found a „complete“ unmodified image on this and some other websites:
( posted 07/23/2014 )


Here we see the cause, why so many images have been cut.
This image bears a signature ( like all other complete copies do as well ).


Tamazgha is an Amazigh (Berber) word employed for the area equally known as the Greater Maghreb, covering the area between the Mediterranean Sea and the Niger River, from Siwa Oasis to the Canary Islands.

The Berbers or Amazighs are an ethnic group indigenous to North Africa.






Following this information
We find we are dealing with two Berber children, probably from Maroc Atlas Mountain area.

Berber Girl Atlas Mountains Maroc

Berber girl from Maroc, Atlas Mountain area.






This article is dedicated to Bonnie Kipperman and everyone else, immediately blocking people with different opinion instead of trying to understand their point of view.


Extending this topic from a simple Image to the complete western media coverage is possible
A democratic dictator and foreign „Syrian Democratic Forces“ something is wrong here !

Syrian presidencial elections 2014,_2014

Syrian Democratic Forces 2015

As the US backed „Free Syrian Army“ (FSA) was a fail the SDF is Americas next attempt to further destabilize Syria. FSA rebels sold Weapons and Ammo to „Islamic State“.

(You hear Jürgen Todenhöfer, a german politician, journalist and author of the book „Inside IS“ – He is the only western journalist that managed to officially visit al Raqqa and other IS occupied cities)

This are the people the United States and Saudi-Arabia do support:

Even Joe Biden confirms this

If you want to continue to destabilize the middle East and convert Syrian society into an islamic State, chances are good your government is already doing so.

When did free thinking and facts became a threat to authorities ?

and when did youtube start to censor videos …

To be continued …


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