Turkeys false game with syrian refugees


Before the negotiations with Europe, Turkey has passed a law which will come into effect on april 29th, 2016. It grants Syrians who have lived for 5 years within turkish territory the right to request the Turkish citizenship.

The validity of this legislative act is retroactive, so that Syrians who have lived in Turkey since 2011, can immediately obtain Turkish citizenship. If Europe is now introducing the visa-free entrance for Turkish nationals, Syrians can legally enter the European Union using a newly aquired Turkish citizenship, and the EU-led negotiations would render into absurdity.

While about one million Syrians are residing in Germany, whom are taken care of and are getting adequately supplied, permitted access to medical assistance, the situation in Turkey is different.
In Turkey only Syrians within the 26 official refugee camps are being supported.

The vast majority of Syrians residing in Turkey do not receive any donations.
Neither financially nor benefits in kind not even food.They make their living by illegal employment or savings often under precarious circumstances. The official figure from Ankara shared in March 2016 claims that Turkey has granted access to 2,733,784 refugees from Syria. But only 280.000 of them receive support from the turkish state. There are simply no more places available in the 26 official refugee camps, which are financed to 50% by the Turkish Civil Protection (AFAD), and 50% by the World Food Programme (WFP).


personal research on location

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