IISS – Americas Institute for WAR


IISS is the International Institute for Strategic Studies. It is funded by US followers, weapon companies, Saudi, UK and Israeli governments.

Here not only the undemocratic decision was made to attack Lybia but they are actively working on Syria as well. Let me show you some proof:

Anne-Marie Slaughter the CEO of the Thinktank NewAmerica is an active member of the IISS Council. In her book „a new world order“ she describes the plan for international networks to undermine and control national democratic governments.

Anne-Marie (AM) was the Director of Policy Planning for the U.S. State Department under U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. There are other former State Department employees in there as well.

Her expertise consists of forwarding ThinkTank Information which is heavily influenced by lobby groups, PR agencies – and everyone else paying for.

(Here is an excerpt from „Der Spiegel“ detailing her view on the Syrian government)

Slaughter Jihadis Clinton

Politicians usually do not have access to secret service information, which make them heavily fall to lobbyism, propaganda and corruption from foreign influencial regimes like Saudi Arabia, Qatar and other. The author of this Spiegel article ( Christoph Reuter ) was embedded with the „Free Syrian Army“ and Al-Qaeda units at the time of writing.


Christoph Reuter 2012 in Syria together with moderate rebels.


„Independant“ Journalism

This secret DIA document came to a more objective view (at the time when the Spiegel article was released).


However in 2011 Anne-Marie came to the conclusion it would be better for her and Hillary’s future career to follow the strategy of IISS and bring down the „Gaddafi regime„.

They did even turn around Barack Obama who did not want to wage war against Lybia, which even Gaddafi warned would open the Gates of refugees into Europe.

Turning Potus around Slaughter

„Turning POTUS around on this [Lybia] is a major win for everything we have worked for. AM“.

Who did they actually work for ? Was this a democratic decision at all ?



It all is part of the gameplay of the Military–industrial complex, that already former President Eisenhower warned of.



When an Amnesty International representative released this photo, the next candidate is on display.

This is the HNC the Saudi-Empowered Syrian Opposition – which even consists of Al-Qaeda members like Jaysh al Islam. These are not representing the syrian people.
They represent a sharia state that should be imposed on demand of Saudi-Arabia by lobby groups, PR agencies and corrupt politicians.

There is no truth in media any more.

Slaughter 04-2017
Even NGOs are corrupted.

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