Interview with one of Germany’s most renowned Islamic researchers



Dr. Gerd-Rüdiger Puin was a lecturer of arabic at the Saarland University for several years. He was the first non-muslim to be allowed to study at Ryadh University in Saudi Arabia. Puin published several articles on the history of the early Quran before it was modified by Uthman decades after the death of the prophet, some of his research could be used to build up a scientific window for reforms of the Quran – a task being impossible without this work.



„Islam belongs to Germany“ – what do you think about this statement from the German Federal President?

Puin: Well, when the Federal President tells it, then its official now.
But it is only wishful thinking. It rather shows once again that it has become impossible today to oppose this kind of religious demands. It is widely believed Islam is a religion. But it is more.

In particular ?

Puin: Islam defends itself programmatically against a separation of state and religion. This causes that representatives of Muslim organizations constantly have to say things to us that we love to hear from them. Of course, they say, we acknowledge your laws and won`t chop any hand off – but why do they say that when it is „God’s law“ for them ?
Because it simply is not practical at the moment. For German muslims there is a moratorium – until Germany is a muslim country.

Don`t you overexagerate ?

Puin: Not at all. It already exists in Europe. Look at Bradford in Britain. The mayor, a Muslim, has formed a kind of Mufti Council. Prior to each arrangement he passes, he asks the scholar, whether it is compatible with Islamic law.

You consider it dangerous to receive Muslims with open arms ?

Puin: The criticism of Sarrazin has shown that it is useless to start a discussions using arguments which demonstrate certain shortcomings on the Muslim side – since one is fast categorized into a right-winged corner. The whole debate is unrealistic, because there is no critical attitude towards Islam in Germany. The main reason is that no one knows what is written in the Quran. There is not a single kind word about the „infidels“, but 300 verses that do promise them the worst on earth and in heaven.

You perceive Islam as a threat ?

Puin: Not Muslims, but Islam, yes. Noone can tell me that a student as the (9-11) assassin of Hamburg, someone from the intellectual elite, commits his acts due to poverty or frustration. Rather he looks one time in the Quran and thinks: This is a challenge to me. These people are ready to fly into high-rise buildings – as a mean of fighting the enemies of Allah.

But do you impute malice to all muslims ?

Puin: For God’s sake, no. There are reform movements that recognize only parts of Islamic law. For these groups only the parts of Quran that are compatible with democracy do count.

What do you expect from the Muslims in Germany ?

Puin: It is about time that Muslim associations say goodbye to an Islam that puts Islamic law over secular law. I also hope that they convince their coreligionists worldwide missionary of the peacefulness of Islam. Then Islam is a part of Germany.



Original Source: Saarbrücker Zeitung

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