Syria: Chemical Weapons and UN Reports

Starting with the Al-Houla Massacre, in all major war crime incidents happening in Syria – there have always been two narratives.

One from the so called rebels – and one from Syrias regime.
But only one side of the story could later be found in western news.

Regarding the use of chemical weapons there have been released 3 UN reports so far.

The first one was released on the incidents in Ghouta. Number of victims range from 281 people (figure by French Intelligence) to 1,729 (figure by the Syrian armed opposition).

The second one was related to chlorine attacks with 12 casualties.

– The third one to be released on the Q’menas attack.
Some Information in UN letter from August here, and in the HRW report on Qmenas.

All attacks with casualties had in common that they appeared in rebel occupied territory. Politicians who did not comply to the story have been withdrawn from spotlight.

The Ghouta chemical attack, has been by far the attack with the highest death toll.

Images of dead children were used for propaganda on a huge scale.
(By the time Obama had drawn his red line, to the use of chemcial weapons.)

Western media and news agencies reported that Assad kills his own population, referred to him as butcher from Damascus. In contrast one of the news agencies of pope Francis drew a different picture.  They stated that the Syrian government did not use chemical weapons, and their article relied on facts, that eg. samples of sarine did not match to material, that was previously in posession by syrias armed forces.

Threats to use chemical weapons by radical islamistic groups as well as scientific articles that had doubts on the released UN report have been completely ignored by so called mainstream media. ( even published an article on the missing children.)

The second UN report was pushed out with pressure from Samantha Power US ambassador to the United Nations. It heavily relied on eye witnesses, and mentioned that material disappeared from sites and was modified. This time the death toll was much lower (12 victims), and the agent used was chlorine not sarine.

If you look critically at this UN report, then you have to ask – why should the syrian government use chlorine at all – chlorine was used during World War I, but it was used in quantities that are not working as witnesses claimed, chlorine barrels dropped from helicopters.


In World War I – thousands of cylinders were used for a single attack – with a letality of only 50%. Half of the affected soldiers survived.

So when usage of chlorine makes absolutely no sense for the syrian government. Why and how should the rebels be using chlorine ? Here is a rational explanation:

The yellow barrels contain chlorine – since the rebels conquered this factory dozens of barrels have disappeared. Chlorine attacks were most likely perpetrated with material from this source.

The third case of an alleged use of chemical substances, the Qmenas incident is slightly uncommon as no victims were available for investigation.

Human Rights Watch, which shows a very single sided story of the conflict, published an article on the Issue. As the previous UN report on chlorine was already weak – only some parts of it were passed to news agencies. The final reports are made public weeks later – to distract attention on the complete content. Parts of the Qmenas UN report were already made public in this UN document from August here.

The Human Rights watch article had some information regarding the witnesses:
Members of the White Helmets. The Group, while being named Syrias Civil defence in western News is in only existent in IS and Al-Nusra occupied territories in Syria. By now they were supplied with more than 100million US $. There is a huge amount of material which prooves that White Helmet members are being armed, helping in executions, and are publishing false information in front of an burning aid convoy in Aleppo (see video below).

But returning to the evidence cited by Human Rights Watch and the UN in the Qmenas incident:

The evidence was provided by Jund al-Aqsa, an islamistic terror organization they usually execute captured syrian soldiers. This is what western made rebels look like.


You see the „logo“ of Jund al-Aqsa on the video (left side) of evidence, while it later changed to the emblem of Syrias White Helmets (right side) !

The Link between Jund al-Aqsa and the White Helmets is Muawiayah Aga Hassan who is active in both groups.

This is consistent with the statement released this week by Syrias president who claimed White Helmets are a facelift of al-Nusra.

The al-Qaeda campaign (photo above: Notice guy with raised indexfinger)

The whole story of Q’menas gets out of control when you see how this combination of Al-Nusra, the White Helmets, the UN and Western Media culminates in killing a baby live in front of running cameras being used as evidence and victim for the cruelties of Assad later on …

Thanks to public relations companies and petrodollars (tweet above) – culprits are turned into victims.

The UN and western journalism have completely failed in Syria.


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