Who is running Staffan de Mistura ?


Staffan de Mistura,

UN Special Envoyee to Syria should be an independant actor.

There are some facts however that evoke doubt on his impartiality towards Syrias war against terror.



Staffan born in 1947 was having a long and successfull career as an international diplomat for the last 40 years. His work has taken him to many of the world’s most volatile trouble-spots including Afghanistan, Iraq, Lebanon, Rwanda, Somalia, Sudan and former Yugoslavia. He speaks several languages (Swedish, Italian, English, French, German, Spanish and Arabic (colloquial)).
To be successful on an international level for this long, you not only need to have influential friends, but usually follow their agenda as well.

That is where this man drops in:coievhgwyaeohxo

This is Volker Perthes, CEO of Europes most influential thinktank the „German Institute for international and security affairs“ with the german name „Stiftung Wissenschaft und Politik“.

His Thinktank is financed from german Chancellor Merkels office – but also generates private revenues.

The blog Spiegelkabinett claims – Perthes is also a member of the Atlantic-Bridge an influential US Thinktank active since the end of WW2 in Germany. Less widely known you can find all important players from Germany`s Industrythe financial sector, media agencies all the way to leading politicians of government and opposition in there. 

The Atlantic-Bridge institute has relations to american „standard“ lobby networks such as brookings, atlantic council, new america,… and has also ties to the Open Society Foundation within their private sponsored work.

According to this Must read article from Voltaire.Net by Thierry Meyssan on Perthes, Germany and Syria – he is working with the CIA regarding the „issue“ of Syria since 2005.

A video of Perthes being interviewed about being briefed from the US on the Ukraine crisis, starts unwillingly humouristic, with the sentence: „What did you learn in Washington, what do you take back to Berlin“.

Regarding Syria Perthes is transporting an image of the syrian government into the public that is very far from reality.

In an Interview from july Perthes makes no difference between current democratic elected president Bashar al-Assad, and his father Hafez al-Assad. No word on reforms that have been passed during the last 5 years or mentioning the changes to the syrian constitution that were made due to the demands of the syrian political opposition.

In this youtube video Perthes told a story of him having been „humiliated“ by syrian media representatives decades ago.

Perthes: „I spent a big time of my work in the mission of the UN special envoyee Steffan de Mistura, trying to get the war parties in syria to a table…“
Interviewer: „Is it fair to call Syria a dictatorship ?“ (5:02)
Perthes: „It is his (Assads) authoritarian regime and you surely can call it a dictatorship as well.“

Perthes: „Assad has decided that a military solution is his way to go… and he was not open to negotiations when he could.“

Perthes: „a major part of the Syrian people wants Assad to be removed !“.

Perthes: „… Assad used chemical weapons“.

Do not complain to the UN or Staffan de Mistura, coresponsible for the escalation in Syria is this Guy, who still does not understand that his „expertise“ about an undemocratic military regime of Hafez Assad (he does not differ) keeps the foreign sponsored war running in a self fulfilling prophecy.

Complete list of De Misturas current advisors:

Volker Perthes (Germany),
Jan Egeland (Norway),
Nicolas Michel (Switzerland),
Brigitta Holst-Alani (Sweden),
Vitaly Naumkin (Russia)


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