The Deep State, Trump, Soros and why banks must be saved

Less populistic title:

Who in the US administration is responsible for illegal wars and regime change – analyzing circumstantial evidence.

As a reaction to the attacks of 9-11 a new agency was founded as part of the US Intelligence Community – „The Office of Terrorism and Financial Intelligence“ a subsidiary of the US Department of Treasury.

Since its founding in 2004, the office has been directed by three under-secretaries -Stuart A. Levey, David S. Cohen and Adam J. Szubin – all of whom have worked as associates in the same law firm – Miller, Cassidy, Larroca & Lewin LLP (which merged into Baker Botts LLP).

According to David Cohen the U.S. Treasury Department is the only national finance ministry with its own in-house intelligence agency, working together with the NSA, with the private financial sector but also foreign governments – therefore several offices around the world, including Riyadh, Islamabad and Abu Dhabi are maintained.

Official documents reveal the the US Department of Treasury is involved on major issues under global dispute. Even CNN covered its influence on US policy. Which reaches far beyond financial sanctions. They call it innovative methods… what others would call regime change. Working hand in hand with the State Department.

John McCain was not happy when he was bypassed regarding the surveillance of Trump and his transition team. In many cases when members of the IC wanted to publish information NBC was accessed. NBC published false stories on Erdogan fleeing to Europe during the coup attempt. Trump will use nuclear weapons
Looks like certain IC members have a serious deficit in democracy apart from their issues with this President.

How does Soros fit in here … after Soros broke the bank of England in 1992 with his Quantum hedgefond, he was approached by the US Department of Treasury.
As his action was considered financial terrorism he was given the choice to cooperate or to spent some reasonable time in jail, threatened to loose his profits*.

Since this event Soros „philantrophism“ was coherent with US policy especially the Intelligence Community. His immense wealth is used as covered action whenever the Department of Treasury or a member of the US Intelligence Community wants to increase its influence.

100.000.000 US$ for Human Rights watch – to bring their reporting on track – no problem – from Amnesty to Reporters without Borders – you will find hundreds of examples on Google where „Soros“ is involved.

But there is another major player in this erosive game of politics – after Trump was elected US president – the Job of United States Secretary of the Treasury was granted to Steven Mnuchin.

So Mnuchin is now in theory responsible for this branch of the Intelligence community. Mnuchin being a former employee of Soros, has worked at Goldman Sachs for 17 years, and was the national finance chairman for Trumps presidential campaign.

He also has very close ties to Hollywood, as he financed the movies Avatar and X-Men and was executive producer of several Hollywood blockbuster movies.
An Oscar for Al-Qaeda might haven been awarded due to his competence in money and media, but that is another story.

But not only Donald Trump was decorated with former Goldman Sachs staff – Obamas financial campaign was managed by Jon Corzine one of Goldman Sachs CEOs.
Looking at other politicians – being a former Goldman Sachs member – is a door opener.

Henry Paulson former secratary of State (GW Bush) was also a former Goldman Sachs CEO. He initiated the too big to fail campaign. If all the staff comes from banks, they don`t even need a lobby. Robert Rubin former secratary of State (Bill Clinton) Goldman Sachs…

You can get the impression – no matter who you vote – Goldman Sachs will be in the administration… and this is valid on a global scale – Goldman Sachs staff can be found in politics all around the globe eg. Mario Draghi, Lukas Papademos, Mario Monti, Paul Bachleitner… you can google many more.

As a result – and according to Cohen the EU does follow and implement advice from the US treasury.

So – no matter how much money they burn – big banks that evoke such brilliant staff are so inherent in the system they cannot fail.

Furthermore they are needed for financing presidential campaigns – and more frequently – financing war.

Several of those politicians have funded Institutes after their active duty. Institutes and ThinkTanks are lobby and money input/output interfaces. Senior officials are getting privately paid for talks at these institutes. This works in the financial sector the same way as on a geopolitical scale.

If Saudi Arabia, Qatar and other middle eastern states want to get rid of eg. Iran, they would pay several billions of dollar to these institutes – and the US „government“ orchestrated by the deep state – or as some people prefer – the „permanent government“ consisting of immoral lawyers, banksters and lobbyists will follow their lead and forward their advice.

Institutes and ThinkTanks control all current so called „representative“ western democracies. (Atlantic Council, New America, ISS, OSF, SWP, MiddleEastInstitute,… hundreds more)

They go that far and write target articles they do implant in newspapers using their global networks to influence politicians.

This incredible concept of money that entered into politics – lead to the open support of al-Qaeda in Syria – just about ten years after 9-11.

The OIA is the branch of the department of treasury within the US Intelligence Community.  They released a document especially for all conspiracy theorists out there…

David S. Cohen former Under Secretary of the Treasury was sworn in as new Deputy Director of the Central Intelligence Agency on February 9, 2015.

In several talks he supports a „moderate opposition“ in Syria

No matter what president is elected – this self appointed eleet are a the biggest threat to democracy.

*We have empiric evidence of Soros massive influence and networks which in regard to his age and daily job only leads to the above conclusion. With the alternative view in which Soros (including his family) conducting a private intelligence network dominating all US agencies would be even more incredible !

04/21/2017 Update:
The following Fox News report confirms that US tax dollars have been spent on Soros Open Society Foundation via the State Department.