Manifesto: The Demands of the Yellow Vests


warnschutz-weste-25er-packThe demands of the „yellow vests“ now officially go beyond the mere question of fuel prices. In a long manifesto sent to the press and the MEPs, which received widespread media attention in the French media, they list a number of demands they wish to have met.

MPs of France, we send you the people’s directives to translate them into laws.

Members, make our voices heard in the National Assembly !

Follow the will of the people ! Set these directives:

  • Zero Homelessness: URGENT.
  • More progression in income tax, that is, more differentiation.
  • Minimum wage of 1,300 euros net.
  • Promotion of small shops in the villages and city centers.
    Cessation of the construction of large shopping centers around the big cities, which stall the retail trade, and more free parking in the city centers.
  • Isolation of apartments on a large scale, to advance the ecology with savings in the households.
  • Taxes: the BIG (McDonald’s, Google, Amazon, Carrefour …) should pay BIG and the small ones (artisans, small and medium enterprises) pay SMALL.
  • A uniform system of social security for all (craftsmen and small self-employed included). Abolition of self-employment social insurance (RSI).
  • The pension system must remain in solidarity and therefore be socialized. No pension on points.
  • Stop the increase in fuel tax.
  • No pension under 1,200 euros.
  • Every elected member of parliament has the right to receive the median wage. His travel expenses are monitored and, if justified, reimbursed. Right to restaurant and holiday vouchers.
  • The wages of all French people and pensions and benefits are indexed according to inflation.
  • Protection of French industry: ban on relocations. Protecting our industry means protecting our know-how and our jobs.
  • Stop the posting of workers. It is not normal for someone working on French territory not to receive the same pay and rights. Any person authorized to work on French territory must be treated as a French citizen and their employer must pay them the same as a French employer.
  • To safeguard employment: Limiting fixed-term employment contracts in large companies. We want more permanent contracts.
  • Abolition of the „Tax Credit for the Promotion of Competition and Employment“, CICE (1). Use of this money to promote a French hydrogen car industry (really ecological, unlike electric cars).
  • End of the austerity policy. Termination of interest payments on illegitimate debt and the beginning of debt repayment – without resorting to the money of the poor and less poor, but by tracking down the 80 billion in tax evasion.
  • Abolish the causes of forced migration.
  • Correct treatment of asylum seekers. We owe them housing, security, nutrition and education for the minors. Collaboration with the UN to set up reception centers in many countries around the world pending the outcome of the asylum procedure.
  • Repatriation of rejected asylum seekers to their country of origin.
  • Implementation of an actual integration policy. To live in France means to become a Frenchman – French courses, courses in French history and civic education with a diploma at the end of the courses.
  • Determination of a maximum wage of 15,000 euros.
  • Job creation for the unemployed.
  • Increase in benefits for persons with disabilities.
  • Limitation of rents. More apartments with moderate rents – especially for students and precarious workers.
  • Ban on the sale of land and facilities owned by France – dams, airports and so on.
  • Consistent provision of funds for justice, police, gendarmerie and army. Payment or recreation of overtime of law enforcement.
  • Use of all tolls for the maintenance of the highways and country roads of France and for road safety.
  • As gas and electricity prices have risen since privatization, we want both back in the public purse and prices lowered accordingly. (Socialization).
  • Immediate stop to stop small railways, eliminate post offices and close schools and maternity wards.
  • Well-being for the elderly. Prohibition of profit at the expense of older people. Instead of „gray gold“ „gray well-being“.
  • Maximum of 25 students per class from pre-school to graduation level.
  • Provision of necessary funds for psychiatry.
  • Referendums are to be included in the constitution. Creation of a legible and efficient website, monitored by an independent regulatory body, where people can propose legislation. If such a proposal receives 700,000 signatures, it must be discussed, supplemented and, where appropriate, proposed by the National Assembly. The National Assembly shall be obliged to submit it to the whole of the French for voting – one year after the date on which the 700,000 signatures have been obtained.
  • Return to a 7-year mandate for the President of the Republic. The election of MEPs two years after the election of the President will send a positive or negative signal to the President of the Republic regarding his policy. This will help to make the voice of the people heard.
  • Retirement at 60 years . Right to a pension at the age of 55 for all persons who work hard physically – for example bricklayer or slaughterhouse worker.
  • Extension of the system of childcare allowances (Pajemploi) beyond the age of 6 up to the child’s 10th birthday.
  • Promotion of rail freight transport.
  • No withholding tax deduction.
  • End the lifelong pensions for past presidents.
  • Prohibition of charging merchants for payment by credit card by their customers.
  • Taxation of marine diesel and kerosene


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