Relotius and Reality in Germany


Last month the scandal on one of the journalists from the Spiegel (Claas Relotius) who freely invented several passages in his articles – had a short intermezzo in cooperate media in Germany.


One of relotius fictional stories on Syria

Preludes to this were blatantly ignored in mainstreammedia when computer scientist and independant blogger ‚Der Blaue Bote‘ (‚the blue messenger‘) Jens Bernert was sued by journalist Marc Drewello from the newsmag „Stern“ (and consecutively by its publisher the Bertelsmann group) for accusing Stern of producing fakenews in regard of the propaganda construct – Bana Alabed.


Bernert a family father who studied political science wrote investigative articles on Bana Alabed contradicting the story of the Stern magazine on his Blog. He accused Stern journalist Marc Drewello of producing fakenews.

Bana Alabed with a fan

Banas father Ghassan, a member of the Safwa Brigade – a militant opposition group.

Bana with „Journalist of the Year“ 2016 Hadi Abdallah. Reporters without Borders awarded Abdallah the title – despite his links to jihadist terrorists in Syria.

Hadi Abdallah with Baraa Abdul Rahman

Bernert accused journalist Marc Drewello of producing fakenews – by claiming Bana – who was not even capable to understand basic English at the time – published tweets on social media.

„Judge Simone Käfer started several attempts to reason the blogger for a corrected „wording“ – in that case there would be a chance to be capable to talk about the costs with the other party.“


It was finally ruled that journalists are not to be made responsible for the veracity of their articles – unless it is proven they do it on purpose. That is the difference between Relotius and Drewello. As Drewello did just copy a fictional story – according to judge Simone Käfer he is innocent – Who needs such journalists – who needs such judges ?

In the end the Hamburg Court (Landgericht Hamburg) sentenced the blogger to pay the costs of about 10.000€+ (excluding the fees for his lawyer) – and as Bertelsmann complainted to social media – twitter removed the account @BlauerBote.

The existential problem related to judges of the Hamburg court – free speech was censored more than once – was never adresses in public – tho there are blogs dedicated to this issue for years…

Judge Simone Käfer

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